Jonathan Willis

.Net development specialist based in Stafford, building software bit by bit


Adovate of agile processes, belief we can be better and co-organiser of Agile Staffordshire. Through applying princibles and practices of agile software development you will release sooner, quaility will improve, risks will decrease and your costs will go down.

Web Development

Specialising in delivering web solutions to meet the demands of the business using technologies includes ASP.Net MVC, Web API, HTML, CSS, ORM Tools and webservices like SOAP, REST & WCF

Legacy Systems

If you need changes to your existing systems, it can be hard to find developers willing to take on the challenges involved. Help is at hand, in finding the seams into your system and overcome the problems facing with updating legacy code.

Recent Blogs


Con nay sense, at least thats how I remember to pronounce it. So what is it, well lets start here. Can you name all 72 code smells, could you even explain what 2 of them really mean. Probably not, so ...

Procyon to WAP4

Good news for you GPS enthusiasts. The Procyon driver and configuration software has been released today to support the Motorola WorkAbout Pro 4. The Procyon is available in several configuration to f...

Is TDD Dead?

Fear not, TDD is not dead, although it’s certainly been talked to death. This catchy title has been doing the rounds on the web recently since the Kent Beck + Martin Fowler + David Heinemeier Hansson ...